Real Estate

E&O is more important than ever due to the ever increasing complexities of real estate transactions and today’s litigious environment where people look for someone to blame when they sustain financial damage in a real estate transaction. In addition to the traditional risks in a real estate transaction, today we are faced with new risks relating to cyber, social media, drones, regulatory issues, and more! cyber issues.

What we do:

The placement of coverage is only a part of the services that PIC provides. Following are the ongoing services that are provided in working with our clients:

Dispel the E&O Myth

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All too often the decision to select E&O Insurance is driven by cost alone (the less expensive the better) and no consideration is given to the coverage under the policy. When price becomes the primary focus of purchasing a policy, you may be overlooking important coverage. There is a misconception that if you have E&O you are fully covered for everything you do. This is simply incorrect. DISPEL THE E&O MYTH.